2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Perfect Gifts Under $100


The holidays are a fun time to pick out gifts for the people you care about. We’ve created a 2017 holiday gift guide with 7 perfect gifts under $100. See here.

The holidays are coming up, and that means its time to go shopping for gifts!

Gift shopping can be daunting. Having to come up with ideas for all of your loved ones is enough of a challenge on its own, but you also need to try and fit it all into your budget. The average American spends around $750 on Christmas gifts each year!

Whether you’re strapped for cash or creativity, we’re here to help. With our Holiday Gift Guide for perfect gifts under $100, you’re sure to find some gift inspiration.

7 Perfect Gifts Under $100


Breakfast Burrito Maker

1. Breakfast Burrito Maker


Everyone loves breakfast burritos, but the extra time it takes to go and pick one up before work in the morning is a luxury most people don’t have. With a breakfast burrito maker, anyone can make one at home in as little as five minutes!

As well as saving time, it also saves money on expensive take-out food. It’s not just limited to burritos, though. It can also be used to make stuffed pancakes, omelets, pizzas and more. Give the gift of amazing breakfasts with this handy kitchen gadget.


2. Bright Tactical Flashlight


You would be surprised how clutch a high powered LED flashlight can be in a ton of situations.  We take for granted that we can always see in the dark with our phone, street lights, house lights, etc.  What if your car breaks down and you need to conserve your battery power?  What then?

A tactical flashlight is a great tool to keep in your car, bag, or purse.  Not only is it one of the highest recommended non lethal self defense weapons, it can really come in handy.   Most tactical flashlights have a strong strobe effect to deter any assailants to allow you to quickly get in your car or run away.

Some tactical flashlights even have strike bezels at the front of the light that you can hit a creep over the head with if they get too close.


3. Samsung Gear VR Headset


Virtual reality is the next big thing, and Samsung is at the forefront of it.

With one of their VR headsets, a smartphone can be turned into an amazing virtual reality machine. Gamers can use it to immerse themselves in the action of everything they play, and movie lovers can feel like they’ve got a private theater viewing when they’re watching their favorite flicks.

This headset also allows you to shoot 360? videos, making it great for friends or family who love to travel. They can use VR to relive their vacations or to allow others to feel like they’re experiencing them for themselves.


4. Tile Slim Smart Item Finder


Do you know someone who’s chronically forgetful? We’ve got just the thing for them!

Number 4 on our list of perfect gifts under $100 is the Tile Slim Smart Item Finder. Give them this, and they’ll never lose anything again.

They can attach it to their keys, wallet, bag, or whatever they hold dear. When they can’t find them, they can use their phone to send a signal to the Tile. Then, it will play a loud ringtone to let them know where they are.

It helps find lost phones, too. That’s because it works both ways. Pressing a button on the Tile causes the phone it’s registered to ring, even when it’s on silent.


5. Roku Streaming Stick


Do you know someone who’s addicted to TV series? The Roku streaming stick might be just what they want this year.

It’s a portable stick with a powerful processor that allows TV junkies to stream their favorite shows at home and on the move. Users can stream shows from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube and more, wherever they go.

For someone who often travels and wants to keep up with their shows, this is a great gift. Put this one under the tree for them, and they’ll never have to miss an episode.


spigo indoor led garden

6. Spigo Indoor LED Light Grow Garden


The idea of growing plants is something that appeals to lots of people. It’s therapeutic, improves a home’s environment and is great for our health, too.

The problem is, a lot of people don’t have a garden or the time to commit to taking care of one. This is where the Spigo Indoor LED Light Grow Garden comes in.

It’s a compact indoor garden that basically takes care of itself. All you have to do is choose a small selection of plants to put in there, and fill the water reservoir now and then. It will automatically water the plants when they need it, and will alternate between emitting white light, fuschia light, and complete darkness.

It can be used to house some decorative succulents to brighten up a desk, or even as a small herb garden for those who want to get busy in the kitchen.


fitbit flex 2

7. Fitbit Flex 2


Around the holidays, people always start to consider making changes in their lives. One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to get fit, so why not give them a present that helps them do that?

The Fitbit Flex 2 is the world’s leading fitness tracker, allowing anyone who wears it to keep an eye on their steps taken and calories burned each day. Unlike other wearable trackers, it’s also waterproof, so it can be used to track laps in the pool, and you don’t have to worry about taking it off before you shower.

As well as helping you keep tabs on fitness goals, it also helps with recovery. It tracks how much quality sleep you get each night, so you can make sure you get as much rest as you’re supposed to.


Brilliant Gifts for Everyone

Now that you’ve seen our Holiday Gift Guide for perfect gifts under $100, you can start shopping.

However, it doesn’t end once the holidays are over. Later on, there’ll be birthdays, anniversaries and countless other occasions that you’ll need to buy gifts for. Coming up with gift ideas can be tricky, especially when you have to do it so often!

Instead of getting the same boring stuff every year, make an impression with new and innovative gifts your friends and family will love. To keep up with the coolest new products on the market, follow Brilliant Inventions on Instagram and get regular updates.