Atlier Modular JALEV – Levitating Pot

Talk about unique! This levitating pot will definitely catch the attention of any guests who visit your house. Put your favorite plant in and watch as it spins gracefully, floating above the table or counter. With a home decor item like this one, your house will certainly be the talk of the town. Not to mention that after a stressful day at work it could be very relaxing to sit and watch it like its own form of mediation. Go ahead and purchase one for yourself or for someone else you think might love it! This levitating pot would make a unique and amazing wedding present or holiday present!
Atlier Modular is seasonally updated so you can check out more products as they come out. The products and designs were brought about exclusively by charitable architects and consultants who wanted to promote modularity and eccentricity in your home or office or wherever you want it. It’s refreshing to see something so unique brightening up the space it’s in. Not only do they have an amazing levitating pot, they also have more eccentric and amazing products! You can find LED lamps that would be perfect for a room or office, unique toys that you can play or fidget with while brainstorming ideas or just relaxing, and more!