BASU E-Alarm – Your Own Personal Self-Defense Alarm

Wanting to travel, but are concerned about safety? Or perhaps you’re concerned about your college kid being safe on campus? Well thanks to the BASU E-Alarm, there is a way to help protect yourself and those you love. This little device, also called a sound grenade, emits an incredibly loud alarm at 120 decibels! To give you an idea of how loud this alarm is, 120 decibels is the same loudness of an ambulance alarm. This alarm not only will attract the attention of anyone nearby, but can scare off any potential attacker. All you have to do is pull off the black tab on the top of the device and the alarm will sound.
This device is so compact at less than three inches in length, you could easily put it on a bag or clip it to your belt loop or keyring. A great alternative to mase or a taser, this E-Alarm can easily be carried by anyone of any age. This device makes an excellent gift for anyone and gives peace of mind when traveling, walking home alone, or walking at night. It never hurts to be prepared and you should always put safety first. If you’re concerned about theft when traveling, you can easily travel with the BASU E-Alarm to protect yourself. Perfect for a stocking stuffer or just to give to someone you love and an essential for any traveller.