Cactus Coasters – Fun Coasters to Protect Your Furniture

Add some fun to a typically dull household item! Rather than stashing coasters in a drawer until needed or leaving them sprawled along your table, these cactus coasters display your coasters in a unique way. These coasters interlock with each other, creating a small cactus for your home. Simply pull one off when you need it to protect your table and keep your home fun. When you’re finished, just put the coasters back on in any configuration. You can create your own coaster cacti and redesign it every time.

Cactus coasters are useful as well as decorative! Each set comes with six cork covered wooden mats that are stored in the terracotta flower pot with a slotted lid. Get one for yourself or get these coasters as a present! They’ll make a truly unique and unforgettable gift.