Chemist’s Spice Rack – Cooking like a Scientist

These test tube spice jars and flasks in this fun chemistry spice rack will make you look like one amazing mad scientist in the kitchen! Experiment with all the different spices, creating many delicious meals and wowing your guests. The kitchen set includes nine test tubes and stoppers, three lab flasks, a 10 ounce Oil Cruet with a stopper and pouring spout, and a convenient metal carrying tray. Just so you know, the chemist’s spice rack does not come with the spices. If you wanted to, you could mix and match the spices, change them up, and make it your own!
So let’s talk about all the spices and labels: Ch – Chile, Cu – Cumin, Tu – Tumeric, Ci – Cinnamon, Ga – Garlic, Mu – Mustard, Ba – Basil, Or – Oregano, Pa – Paprika, Su – Sugar, Pe – Pepper, Sa – Salt, and Oi – Oil. Ok so they may not be accurate on the periodic scale, but they make your kitchen more fun! As I said before, it doesn’t come with the spices so you can change things up a bit. For example, maybe for the Ch label you want to put Chinese Five Spice. This spice rack makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves experimenting in the kitchen!