Mini Solar System Crystal Ball – Hold the Solar System in Your Hands

Have you ever wanted to hold the whole solar system in your hands? Now you can with this nifty little solar system crystal ball! This Aircee mini solar system crystal ball makes the perfect accessory for any desk or shelf. When you’re at work brainstorming brilliant ideas you can hold the crystal ball in your hands and fidget with it to help you focus and relax. The crystal ball has the sun (which is that big ol’ thing in the middle) and 8 planets, not including Pluto. If you know your planets well enough you can recognize which planet is which. If not, you can use this crystal ball as a way to brush up on your knowledge of our solar system.
The crystal ball is about 3 inches in diameter and can easily fit in your hand. It will not take up too much room and even comes with a small wooden stand that you can place the crystal ball on. It was created using engraving technology with a 3D pattern to create the solar system and the actual ball is made of glass. This mini solar system crystal ball would make an excellent gift for anyone interested in science, the solar system, stars, and more. It would be the perfect gift for a science teacher to help them teach kids about the solar system and to keep this little solar system on their desk for fun.