PortoVino – The Wine Purse

Enjoy your drink on the go with the gorgeous (and best-selling) PortoVino wine purse! This true fashion accessory lets you discreetly store and pour up to 2 bottles of wine (or 1.5L of your favorite beverage) wherever you are. Who doesn’t need that?
Here’s what else you’ll love about the PortoVino…
Its sophisticated design means you’ll look and feel great taking it to any party, event, dinner or outing.
It’s roomy enough to hold a full reservoir AND all your essentials including your keys, wallet, cell, and makeup.
The durable leather-like bag is excellent quality and designed with comfort in mind. It can handle all your items (including the reservoir) while being comfortable on your shoulders.
The hidden reservoir pocket means no one will ever know that you’re carrying a beverage inside.
The hidden pocket is insulated, keeping your drink chilled for hours.
The included reservoir (AKA: The Party Pouch) is BPA-free to keep you and the environment healthy.
The designer flap on the backside means the spout is always concealed but easily accessible when you’re ready for your next drink.
This purse will save you hundreds by never having to pay for another drink out again.
You will be able to keep everyone hydrated – wine, mixed drinks, beer, water, tea or even juice for the kids!
And our favorite… The PortoVino will almost always get a wild (and often times envious) reaction from your friends!
Additional Note: The Party pouch is a durable and resilient pouch and can be used over and over. We recommend changing it. If you do choose to reuse, be sure to clean it properly in between use. The party pouch’s spout has a perforated closure that acts as a closed container before first use.