PyroPet Candle – Cat Skeleton Candle

This beautifully crafted cat-shaped candle named Kisa is more than meets the eye. In fact, these candles carry a dark secret that can only be seen when the wax is melted away! While on the outside, a beautiful geometric cat sits elegantly, the wax slowly melts away to reveal a grinning skeletal cat. As the wax melts, Kisa’s true form is revealed – a stylized aluminum skeleton with fire in her eyes. The skeleton is revealed more and more as the wax melts and the candle flame will peek through in such a way that Kisa’s eyes are aglow with flames.
This candle has an aluminum skeleton, a cotton wick, and is encased in paraffin wax. The candle measure around 6.7” x 3” x 4.5” and burns for around 20 hours. You also have a few different colors to choose from. This PyroPet, Kisa, makes an excellent gift for any cat lover with a sardonic sense of humor or anyone who enjoys a bit of edginess. Part of the draw to this candle is the anticipation while you wait for the skeletal cat to emerge from her wax form. It burns for quite a while so the skeleton will emerge slowly and each time you burn it you can see some progress.