Bullet Proof Shot Glasses – Drink Like a Warrior

Unique, amazing, rugged, these are a few words to describe the drinkware from BenShot! These glasses were made by a father and son team, expertly hand-crafted in rural Wisconsin. These “bullet proof” glasses are an original design of the BenShot team and pride is taken with each glass that’s made. With craftsmanship like this, you know you’ll be completely satisfied with your drinkware.

The Bullet Proof Shot Glass is 1.5 oz and made from high-quality heavy glass. The bullet is a lead-free 0.308 caliber actual bullet! For the shot glasses, BenShot uses Barnes bullets, model 30393. That’s right! There are real bullets in these glasses! There’s no gunpowder or lead so the glass is completely safe to drink out of. Each glass is made in the U.S.A.

You can choose from a variety of different drinkware including whiskey glasses, shot glasses, and beer glasses. You can choose between the ones that have “Merica” etched onto them or you can choose your own three-line text custom etched glasses. Of course, you can always choose the original, sleek design with no etchings on the glasses at all. They make excellent gifts for fathers, husbands, groomsmen, and more!

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