Flip Brew – Cold Brew Coffee or Flash Iced Tea with a Flip

Flip Brew is designed to make iced tea in a flash or brew some delicious iced coffee! ¬†For tea, all you need to do is fill the small basket with the tea of your choice, attach the basket to the Flip Brew, fill the pitcher halfway with hot water, attach the lid, and flip! Once your tea is finished steeping, flip the pitcher back, remove the tea basket, fill with ice and you’re ready to go! Simple as that!

By cold brewing coffee, you get a better taste, less acid, and more concentrated coffee compared to traditional brewing. Flip Brew makes cold brewing coffee a breeze with the included extended basket. Fill up the basket with quality medium-to-coarse ground coffee and flip to get the brew going! Get 20% off your order with the coupon code INVENT20