Hot Dog Toaster – Quick & Easy Hot Dogs

Mmm hot dogs. They’re perfect for a quick lunch, a cookout, a summer day, a ball game, and more. If you’re a hot dog fan then you’ll definitely love this hot dog toaster! It’s a retro series hot dog pop up toaster that toasts two regular sized or extra plump hot dogs at a time. It also toasts two buns at a time so in minutes you could have two toasted delicious hot dogs! Bring it to work so everyone can have some hot dogs for lunch or keep it in your house so your family can make hot dogs for a quick lunch.
The toaster has an adjustable cooking timer and a stop cooking button. Simply adjust the dial on the side to pick your preferred hot dog doneness, then press down the control lever to start. Pretty much just like any average toaster. You can press the STOP button at any time to finish your hot dogs’ cooking. The hot dog toaster also comes with a removable hot dog cage that easily holds your hot dogs in the toaster. You can use the included mini tongs to keep your hands safe while removing the hot dogs from the toaster.

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