Pusheen Slippers – Cozy Pusheen Gift

Who doesn’t love Pusheen? That adorable little cartoon cat has appeared all over the Internet, in our emojis, and has pushed his little fat butt into our lives. But is it enough? No! We need more Pusheen! That’s why these Pusheen slippers are the perfect way to include Pusheen in your house and your life. These GUND Pusheen slippers are 12” and fit most foot sizes ages 1 and up. Made with soft and huggable material that could only be the best for Pusheen, these slippers make a cozy and comfortable way to show off your love for this Internet sensation.
For more than 100 years, GUND has been a premier plush company that is recognized globally for their quality products so we’re excited to see that they’ve made some high-quality and highly detailed Pusheen slippers. The features on the slippers are exactly accurate to match Pusheen’s striped tail, smile, and whiskers. The bottom of the slippers have a bit of traction so you won’t be slipping around in your house. They are surface washable so try to keep your Pusheen slippers out of the snack drawer or pantry! These Pusheen slippers make great gifts for anyone who loves this Internet cat (i.e. everyone) and are soft and comfortable to provide relaxation and general coziness while walking around the house.

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