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Beam – Turn Any Light Bulb Socket Into a Smart Projector

Meet Beam. Beam turns any light bulb socket into a smart projector. Our tables and walls suddenly become projection surfaces with unlimited possibilities! Install apps like Netflix or HBO on Beam to watch movies on a big screen. Stream any content from your phone/tablet via casting or AirPlay. Of course, Beam can also act like a regular light whenever you need it. Simply control Beam using the “Beam Remote” Apple or Android app.
This smart projector is designed to integrate seamlessly with your house and is easy to set up and control. Just screw it into any light socket or you can use the included power cable to place it on any flat surface. With Beam you can turn your bedroom into a movie theater, stream content in the kitchen while you cook, or even take it with you to the office for your presentation. Program Beam to do what you want from scheduling a movie to play when someone arrives home, to having the weather display every morning. to leaving a message.

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