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The Best Charcoal Smoker

If you’ve been looking for a perfect charcoal smoker/grill then you have found it in the M1 smoker from M Grills. While many charcoal smoker/grill combos are crafted cheaply, are poorly designed, and/or have a mediocre performance, the M1 was designed specifically to excel at both smoking and grilling with its optimal design. It’s no surprise that the M1 smoker was designed to be the best multifunctional charcoal grill and wood smoker ever. The M1 smoker was handcrafted in Mesquite Texas and features a reverse flow smoker as well as a traditional charcoal grill. It also is one of the best backyard stick burners on the market making it an excellent wood burning smoker.
So what else makes the M1 so impressive? First, the superior craftsmanship and high quality of this versatile all-in-one cooker is incredible. Between the thick 10-gauge steel in the body, the 304 stainless steel hardware, handles, and grates, and the construction with welds, this M1 smoker is beyond durable. The design of this smoker is built so that it’s easy to use, little heat escapes, and, if you’ve got the skills, you’re going to be getting awesome food every time. The M1 features a three-tiered, multi-layer design to excel at both grilling and smoking. Learn all the features and you can even use the M1 to bake delicious foods. If you’re wanting a serious grill/smoker you won’t find better than the M Grills M1 Smoker.

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