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Dunking Buddy – Magnetic Cookie Dunker

Introducing Dunking Buddy – The World’s first and only magnetic cookie dunker! Have you ever been dunking your cookies in milk, only to have them break, fall apart, and get lost into the milky abyss? Have you ever had to fill your glass of milk to the very top, ultimately making a mess in order to dunk a cookie? Well now there’s an easier, cleaner & more enjoyable way to enjoy your cookies & milk with the revolutionary Dunking Buddy!
Dunking Buddy is the ultimate snack hack – invented to make sure you enjoy the best dunks of your life! Using is easy: simply snap the tray & handle together alongside your (included) color-changing cup, add liquid, place your cookies in the tray and slowly lower your treat to dunking perfection. Dunking Buddy will work with all of your favorite cookies and can be enjoyed in both hot & cold liquids! A must-have for the dunkers in your world – also makes a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list this holiday season.
Dunking Buddy is family owned/operated, and all our products are proudly made in U.S.A! All of our products are certified CSPIA compliant, BPA-Free & Top-Rack dishwasher safe. Dunking Buddy’s mission is providing dunkers everywhere with the ultimate snack hack and a frustration-free snacking experience. Join the Dunk-O-Lution today!

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