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Fixate Gel Pads – Stick Anything Anywhere

You can now stick anything anywhere with Fixate Gel Pads! These pads allow you to stick devices onto walls or surfaces, stick glasses onto tables so they don’t fall, stick your GoPro onto your dashboard and use it as a dashcam, and more. Fixate Gel Pads are thin, malleable, strong, and versatile allowing you to put them on even irregular surfaces. These reusable gel pads are super sticky and let you stick whatever you want wherever you want. Gel pads are also easy to clean. All you have to do is wash it with water, let it air dry, and then you can put it wherever you’d like to use it.
Fixate Gel Pads are incredibly easy to use. Just stick the gel pad onto a clean, non-porous surface and you can stick your item onto the gel pad. If you want to remove your item, just gently twist and pull until it’s removed from the gel pad. You can also remove the gel pad from any surface and put it somewhere else you may need or want it! For example, you can use it on your kitchen wall while you’re cooking. Put your tablet or phone onto the gel pad and easily cook any recipe or watch a video while cooking. Then when you’re finished, you can slowly peel off the gel pad and place it wherever you’d like to next.

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