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Folomov A1 Magnetic Battery Charger – Your New Favorite Charger

If you own a high-end LED flashlight, headlamp, or a digital camera, you probably own a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. While some devices have USB charging functions such as smartphones or tablets, some devices require an outside source to charge the battery like a battery charger. Whether your device has a USB charging function or not, the A1 magnetic battery charger is a handy little thing to have! It’s very small and easily portable so you can carry it in a bag or in your pocket. It features a charging and discharging function meaning that it can charge a lithium-ion battery, but can also use the battery’s power to charge your USB device.
The battery charger works on any USB port so you can plug it into a wall adapter, car adapter, or computer and let it charge your battery. The magnetic ends secure onto the battery for easy and convenient charging. It also features a little indicator light to let you know if it’s charging or discharging. It glows green when the battery is charging and blue when the battery is being used to power another device. So if you own a device that uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and want or need a battery charger, check out the Folomov A1 magnetic charger!

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