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Funny Doormat – Broken Doorbell

I really want to know how many people would follow the instructions on this doormat. Step away from the traditional “Welcome” doormat and add some humor to your life with this funny doormat! Discover which of your guests will actually follow the instructions and yell Ding Dong! This doormat would make an excellent present for a birthday or holiday and for someone who has a fantastic sense of humor. Or you can purchase it for a housewarming gift for anyone who loves a good joke. Whether you’re getting it for a friend or just want some humor at your doorstep, you’re sure to get a lot of laughs from this doormat, if not a few Ding Dong’s!
The mat is made in the USA and is crafted from durable olefin making it scuff and smudge resistant. The mat is also weather-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your mat getting ruined because of a storm. This doormat will last you a long time. Of course, just like any other doormat, it will probably get dirty from all the people walking in and out since you’re so popular. Thankfully, this doormat is easily to clean! Just spray it off with a hose and let it dry! Even if your doorbell breaks, you have a backup mat that guides your guests and tells them how to announce that they’re here!

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