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Funny Mug – Laugh and Smile When You Read It

So many of us use mugs on a daily basis whether it’s for tea, coffee, water, or perhaps a beverage we probably shouldn’t be drinking at work. So why pick a boring mug, when you can use a mug that adds a smile to your face and/or the faces of those around you? Anyone with a sense of humor will appreciate this mug, making it an excellent secret santa, dirty santa, or just a regular holiday gift. Whether you’re a coffee or tea lover, whether you use this mug at home or at the office, it will always bring a smile to your face when you read it. Of course, if you give it as a gift, then it’ll bring a smile to the giftee’s face every time they read it.
This humorous mug is made from 100% white ceramic, is dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. These features are always a plus so you can heat up water in the microwave without worrying about the cup shattering or the words fading. And you don’t need to handwash it like so many other dishes! It also has the printing on both sides of the mug so you can always see it. If you’re looking for a few early Christmas presents, this funny mug should be on your list! It’s a great item that could be used daily and will make anyone smile and laugh when they read it.

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