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Handmade Personalized Leather Wallets – Handmade with Style

These beautiful leather wallets are handmade in England using absolutely no stitches or seams! They’re made by using a single cut of folded Italian leather, creating a wonderfully sleek and unique design. There are many different options of wallets to choose from and more beautifully handcrafted products such as passport wallets, journals, notebooks, cufflinks, and key rings. You can choose between different colors of leather and each wallet has a print or color on the inside that you can choose from as well. Perhaps you like a brown leather wallet with a vibrant blue interior. Or you can choose a sleek black wallet with the Union flag on the inside. They have a wide variety of colors and interiors to choose from.
As if all those options weren’t enough, you can also choose your own custom image that you’d like to see on the inside of your wallet. Now the possibilities are endless! These wallets were created with a 1940’s design and each wallet is unique, super soft, ultra slim, and super strong. The origami wallet design has roots during the war when traditional manufacturing was redirected due to the war. During this time, stitching leather goods was not a priority so some craftsmen would make products out of folded leather and sell them to allied forces personnel in order to earn some extra money for their family. Bond & Knight wanted to keep the design concept and make these vintage seamless leather goods filled with soul and character and add their own modern twist to it.

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