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Klarus XT11GT – 2000 Lumen Ultrabright LED Tactical Flashlight

Tactical, versatile, powerful, the Klarus XT11GT LED flashlight has it all! Flashlights are important tools for every household and every person to have. The XT11GT is more than just your average flashlight and will wow you! First of all, it delivers 2000 lumens of power! This amount of power allows you to see around you almost like it’s daytime. You can operate the XT11GT using either the two tail switches or the side switch which gives it more versatility. The tail switches are excellent for more tactical use. Speaking of tactical, the XT11GT comes with a removable stainless steel bezel that can come in handy for any self-defense situation.
There are more features to the XT11GT! You can choose between three different operation modes. You can choose the tactical mode where you have instant access to the turbo brightness level (2000 lumens) and to the strobe mode, a flashing mode that can disorient an attacker. This mode is perfect for security, law enforcement, and more. The other mode is the Outdoor mode where you have immediate access to the turbo brightness level (2000 lumens) and the low brightness level. This mode is perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Finally, the Advanced Tactical Mode only gives you access to the turbo brightness level and the strobe mode. The side switch is locked out in this mode and you can’t access the other brightness levels. This mode is for extreme tactical situations. This incredible tactical flashlight is also USB rechargeable so you don’t even have to worry about replacing the battery.

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