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Knork – A New Approach to Flatware

Are you ready to take your dining experience to the next level? Knork flatware will enhance your dining experience with its innovation, unique design, and practical function. Knork is designed to fit the way we naturally eat with comfort, style, and stability in mind. Each piece of Knork flatware features unique attributes like smooth stem fingertip platforms, ergonomic shape, and a heavier more balanced design that won’t bend or fall from a plate. The outer beveled tines on the Knork allow you to effectively cut your food without being sharp making it safe for children. These tines flank both sides of the fork allowing you to cut your food with either hand. The contoured handle of the Knork gives balance, stability, and leverage while the fingertip platforms provide more comfort and less effort while you cut your food. So up your dining game and be amazed by the comfort and ease of using Knork flatware.

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