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LED Mushroom Lamp – Rechargeable Little Mushroom Night Light

Talk about the perfect bedroom and nursery accessory, this little mushroom lamp is adorable and has more features than you’d expect. This Emoi LED night light has two natural light settings and has six colored settings! So you can choose between a higher or lower soft natural light or you can choose one of the fun colors! You can turn the lamp on either using the power button located near the bottom or you can tap the mushroom lamp to turn it on, switch light settings, or turn it off. To use the natural light settings just long press the power button once then press again to dim the light and press again to turn it off. To access the color options just long press the power button twice and press to cycle through the colors.
The base is made of ABS plastic and the top of the mushroom is made from BPA-free soft silicone. The lamp has a rechargeable battery so you don’t need to worry about changing the batteries. It’s actually USB rechargeable so you can easily recharge the battery or keep the light plugged in for constant lighting. On the higher natural brightness level and colorful levels the lamp lasts about 2.5 hours and on the dimmer natural level it lasts about 6 hours. The light that the mushroom emits is a very soft and soothing light, perfect for relaxation. This Emoi LED mushroom lamp makes the perfect gift for baby showers and anyone who enjoys having a little whimsy and relaxation in their life.

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