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Mug With a Hoop – Play with Your Food!

Max is a budding entrepreneur with dyslexia who created a slam-dunk mug design at just eight years old. When asked by his 2nd grade art teacher to make a mug, Max had the ingenious idea to add a basketball hoop for tossing marshmallows into hot cocoa. Max’s parents helped him submit The Mug With A Hoop® to a product innovation contest held at Fenway Park and he was named a top ten finalist and winner of the community vote. A full court press put the mug into production and Max now has 5 sports mugs on the market. With over 75,000 units sold (over $1M in sales), it now serves as a model success story that raises support and awareness for the upside of kids who learn and think differently (www.maxiscreations.com). Max was issued his first patent from the U.S. Patent office at the age of 10 and now holds 6 patents. He is Chief Creator of MAX’IS Creations, Inc., the family business he now runs with the help of his parents and brother Sam. He is currently in 7th grade at a school for children with language-based learning disabilities.

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