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NAYA Mask – World’s First Multi-Purpose Sleep Mask

This mask is so much more than just a mask to help you sleep. It’s perfect for traveling, everyday use, sleep, power napping, sore throat relief, meditating, and cooling your eyes. The NAYA mask has seven awesome features that make it the most comfortable, functional, and effective eye mask on the market. First, it has an adjustable comfy nose piece that conforms to your face giving you the perfect fit for comfort. Second, NAYA mask has a pull-down mouth mask that’s made out of silver fabric. This fancy fabric helps with relieving sore throats by trapping the moisture your body exhales, which moistens dry throats to provide relief. It’s like a mini humidifier.
Third, the NAYA mask has a small mesh pouch inside of the mouth mask for easier breathing. You can also put a small strip with some essential oil on it and enjoy the subtle scent without disturbing others or smelling the whole house up. Fourth, it has an eye hug attachment. With this attachment, you can insert cooling or warming gel pads to relieve tired and puffy eyes. Fifth, the mask has a built-in pouch to store earplugs. Sixth, it comes with a little back pillow for some added comfort. Finally, number seven – the NAYA mask has a comfortable headband with enclosed elastic for stretchability and micro-velcro for a non-interfering grip. All these features together make the incredible NAYA mask!

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