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Piqs Portable Smart Projector

Imagine having your own home theatre or watching a movie on your ceiling while lying in bed. With the Piqs Portable Smart Projector, you can do that! It features an auto-focus and Virtual Touch Technology using a Dual-Optic system. So not only is it a great device to use to watch movies and shows at home, but it’s also a great tool to use for business presentations and meetings. It comes with “Piqs Draw”, an application that allows you to freely draw on any screen content, letting you emphasize certain points in a powerpoint presentation. It’s so compact that you can take it to work easily for a presentation and then take it back home to chill with a movie later that evening.
The projector is powered with a battery that lasts about 3 hours when you’re in the eco mode. It has high brightness and native HD resolution to bring you stunning images. This projector can display over 200 inches giving you an amazing home theater! It also features an HDMI port, a MicroSD port, a USB port, and a headphone jack so you can connect your projector to whichever device you’d like. Also, it can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and comes with a power adapter and a Virtual Touch Remote. So if you’re looking for an awesome gift for someone you care about, consider getting the Piqs Portable Smart Projector today with the Amazon Cyber Monday sale!

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