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The Pocket Shot – World’s Tiniest Bow

The slingshot has evolved into the Pocket Shot! This is a circular slingshot that’s compact enough to fit in your pocket and can even shoot arrows. When the Pocket Shot is in use it is around 5 inches in length, but, when closed, it’s only 2.3 x 1.3 inches, allowing you to easily carry the Pocket Shot around or keep it in your tackle box, backpack, or wherever. The circular design allows you to load the Pocket Shot with different projectiles and shoot at twice the speed of a regular slingshot.

The Pocket Shot can fire 1/4 inch – 5/16 inch steel slugs, marbles, small paintballs, and airsoft ammo. You can even shoot arrows with it making it the world’s smallest bow! The pouches are made out of the highest quality latex, are hand-rolled, and inspected to ensure perfection with each pouch. The pouch molds are specifically designed to maximize power and accuracy giving you one amazing slingshot/bow.

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