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PURE – These Headphones Create Perfect Sound

PURE is the world’s first customizable headphone that adapts to your own unique hearing. Everyone hears differently so the B&B team created an innovative headphone that allows you to experience music like never before. By pairing advanced algorithms with exact hearing results, the headphones deliver an accurate soundwave that is adjusted to your specific hearing. So now you can hear high-quality sound that’s just right for you. Not to mention, PURE is packed with great features that any music-lover will go crazy for. PURE is a comfortable headphone that has an excellent fit and feel. The ear cups are removable and you can choose between an on-ear or around-ear cups based on your comfort.
PURE is a Bluetooth headphone that can connect up to two devices at the same time. It features Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) so even in a crowded area you can still listen to music or even talk on the phone. With its built-in microphone you can also take advantage of the Clear Voice Canceling. By using motion-tracking technology PURE is able to recognize when you want to pause the music with just a quick gesture. You can listen to up to 20 hours of playtime before you need to charge it again with the integrated charging cable. No worries about bringing a charging cable, PURE has one built right in! For easy transport, you can fold PURE and store it away easily. With this awesome headphone, you’ll experience music the way it’s intended.

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