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Shakoolie – Beer Shower Koozie

Don’t let showering get in the way of drinking a beer! The Shakoolie is a unique and fun product that lets you enjoy your favorite canned beverages in the shower. Perhaps you’ve had a long day and you don’t want to choose between taking a shower or enjoying a beer. With the Shakoolie you don’t need to choose. This awesome product is literally a beer koozie that you can take into the shower. You can attach it to your shower wall and BOOM! You now have a delicious beverage keeping you company while you shower. This takes relaxation to the next level.
There are several ways people have tried to drink a beverage while showering or taking a bath before, but most of the time they just didn’t cut it. Either you had to bend over or reach for your drink every time you wanted it while acrobatically keeping it away from the water or you had to deal with shower water getting into your drink. For the creators of Shakoolie, neither of these options were acceptable. So next time you’ve had a tiring day and want to take a bath or shower AND drink a canned beverage at the same time, whip out your Shakoolie and you’re ready to go.

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