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Spigo – Indoor Garden

Growing your own herbs in your own herb garden sounds like a great idea, but unless you’re outside of an urban city environment, it’s probably not going to happen. Enter the Spigo LED light garden! With this little indoor garden you can grow incredible herbs and plants to satisfy your green thumb abilities! Pick a few plants you’d like to grow such as basil, lemon mint, peppermint, thyme, grass, parsley, nettle plants, succulents, and/or cacti, and get started. You could set the Spigo up in your kitchen, grow some herbs, and add some fresh herbs to all your cuisine. Or you can plant a few cacti and succulents and keep a your garden at your desk to brighten up your workspace.
The Spigo features an automatic light controller that illuminates white light for 8 hours, fuchsia light for 8 hours, and turns off for 8 hours. You can also adjust the dimness or brightness of the LED lights. So if your plants don’t need bright light shining on them or if you prefer a less bright setting, you can hold down the button on the controller and dim it to your heart’s desire. There’s a little water reservoir that you can fill to give your plants water rather than watering them everyday or several times a day. The Spigo also comes with a water gauge that can help you determine how much water you have left in the reservoir and when you need to refill it. So don’t let your lack of outdoor garden stop you from growing plants!

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