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SupFlex – the Paddle Board that Fits in Your Backpack

SupFlex is an inflatable paddle board that is easy to carry and store! SupFlex boards are top of the line, one of the best Stand-Up Paddle Boards you can get. Made out of only the highest quality military grade PVC, you know the material is built to last. The SupFlex has an internal six inch double layer drop stitch core, making this paddle board more rigid and stable than the common 4 inch boards that you will find on the market. The increased thickness of the boards lead to increased stability and buoyancy for the rider! So it’s easy to carry and safe to ride! Each inflatable paddle board comes with a backpack, a 3 piece floating paddle, a dual action hand pump, and a leash.
Since 2009 the SupFlex company has worked with many experienced users and professional athletes to deliver the best inflatable board with the best performance and stability. Even though the SupFlex is inflatable, riding it will feel like you’re riding on a hard board. Except with the SupFlex you get the added benefit of convenience and portability. Stand up paddling is a great experience and an excellent opportunity to workout while feeling connected with nature. Why hit a gym when you can have fun with the SupFlex and enjoy the beautiful outdoors? You can enjoy using SupFlex with friends and family and make your time more memorable.

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