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Think Board – Dry Erase Film

Imagine writing on the walls, on a desk, on the fridge, then erasing it all and starting over again. With the Think Board you can make that a reality. Thinkboard is a film that can turn any smooth surface into a whiteboard so you can explore your ideas, write down your to do lists, or just doodle if you’d like. Think Board comes in a variety of sizes so you can get a huge Think Board and draw all over the walls, or a small Think Board that fits comfortably on your desk. The Think Board is easy to install and take down. Just stick it to the wall and if you want to take it down then just peel it away. There will be no sticky residue on the surface or anything.
So with no worries about damaging your wall, desk, fridge, or wherever you’d like to put your Think Board, you can allow your imagination and ideas to run free. Simply use the included Expo markers and cleaning spray to create as needed. The Think Board is great for entrepreneurs and business owners who need to brainstorm ideas, plan out their next marketing strategy, and more. You can get the Think Board calendar and keep track of your everyday activities, reminding yourself of appointments. There’s no limit with the Think Board so you can explore every option! Take 20% off of your purchase with the coupon code “brilliant” and get a Think Board or two today!

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