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Wolffepack – The Orbital Backpack that Swings to Your Front

Wolffepack is a revolutionary new concept in backpack design, that swings all your stuff to the front but stays strapped to your back. It offers better access, more comfort and greater security wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, from commuting to cycling, hiking or skiing, photography or travel. This unique product combines the load-carrying advantages of the backpack, with the convenience and comfort of the messenger bag. Grabbing the camera becomes much easier. It’s a game-changer for making mountain chairlifts quicker. Commuting is safer and more comfortable.

The Wolffepack range contains 4 models: Metro, Escape, Summit and Capture. Each contains their patented innovation, the ingenious expetoSYSTEM, and incorporates super-strong materials such as Dyneema, Kevlar and carbon fibre. Launched in 2015, there are now 22,000 Wolffepack users in over 50 countries round the world.

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